Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Colonial History Tour de Force

In February, March and April, I have three stories coming out in two different magazines, all with ties to Colonial North Carolina. The current issue of Wrightsville Beach Magazine has the first installment and next month will have the second half of that story. Then, Our State Magazine will feature a story I wrote about the importance of taverns in Colonial America.

For Wrightsville Beach Magazine I went to Brunswick Town, one of the first long-term settlements in the colony of North Carolina. Brunswick Town was an important shipping center and was the site of the first Stamp Act Rebellion, a (mostly) nonviolent (well, no one was killed but there was an angry mob and a small siege on the Colonial Governor's house) protest against the Stamp Act, a tax on all paper goods in the colonies. The town played an important part in the Revolution in North Carolina and later played a significant role in the Civil War and an even bigger part in the events just after the war. Well, If I tell you any more you won't need to read the article. So, if you like history, or even if you don't, you can read my story in Wrightsville Beach Magazine here.


Friday, February 18, 2011

My February Yard

It is February and I just found this in my yard.


Two Stories in haven Magazine

As you may know, I'm the Adventure Blogger for Bald Head Island Limited's blog, The Island Times. What you may not know is that I also write for their magazine, haven.

Take a peek at haven, Bald Head Island's lifestyle magazine and visitor's guide. I have two stories in there.

haven comes out once a year and includes stories of the people, places and things that make Bald Head Island a great place to visit; it also includes rental and event information to help you plan a visit. You can visit Bald Head Island Limited's site here and order a hard copy, or save some trees and read my stories on the online version of haven.

Flip through the magazine, but be sure to stop at pages 26 and 116 for my stories. On page 26 you'll find a piece about standup paddleboarding, a new sport taking the world by storm. This was photographed by the awesome team at Millie Holloman Photography (there's also a story about Millie and her family in this issue, written by my lovely wife) and the shots look great. In The Last Word, on page 116, I explore what it means to be silent and find silence on Bald Head Island. The story was inspired by Gordon Hempton's book One Square Inch of Silence. You may find my take on that interesting.

Happy reading, and be sure to come back and look for more of my adventures on Bald Head Island throughout the year.