Sunday, June 5, 2011

Southport Garden Club - Downtown Southport, Inc. Garden Tour 2011

This year the Southport Garden Club and Downtown Southport, Inc., teamed up to do their first-ever garden tour. My mother-in-law, Kathy, or KD, was chair of the committee and her house was also on the tour. She and my father-in-law, BobD, spent countless hours planting, watering, pruning and babying their plants to get ready, and it showed.

All the hosts were given garden stones that said "Southport Garden Tour 2011" as a token of appreciation.

Here are a few pictures from the tour. I hope you enjoy.

The front yard.

Shade garden in front of their house.

Their house from the street. While I was working for BobD we built this house (with some help, of course).

Flags designated Garden Tour homes for guests.

KD's potting shed.

On the tour.
The side yard.


Poolside gardens.

When the weather is nice, we work on the crossword puzzle or have dinner under the pergola.

KD threw a packet of wildflower seeds out and this is what happened. Now that's a green thumb.

KD likes to use unusual objects in her garden. She removed the seat from this chair, built a basket and planted it up.

The other side yard.

"Gloriosa Daisy. It's an annual. It's not a Black Eyed Susan, People," says KD.

Backyard oasis.
All in all, the Garden Tour was a success. At last count, nearly 300 tickets had been sold and everyone who came by the Dzubak house raved about the event. 

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  1. Jason, as an old friend of KD I am really glad you posted these pictures! KD's and Bob's gardens are more than beautiful! They are inspiring! Kristine Mika