Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Fun: Infused Alcohol

Summer. Time for projects. This summer I'm gardening, I'm taking an oil painting class and I've decided its time to experiment with infusing alcohol.

So far we've put up four jars. The grapefruit-infused vodka pictured here, jalapeno-infused vodka (that used some jalapenos from our garden), blackberry-infused gin (really wondering how that turns out), and apple-infused bourbon.

Part of what got Lauren and I on this kick was a story I read on Gizmodo on How To Make Smooth Whiskey Even Smoother; the other part was a friend recommending we try it. "It's easy," she said.

According to her, grab a sealable jar or bottle and just pour your alcohol over whatever fruit, herb, vegetable or cured meat (what? I think I made that up) you want. Then you wait for a couple of weeks, taste it and either drink it or put it away for more infusing.

I didn't do my due diligence and scour the Internet for the best way to do it, I just grabbed what was on our shelf and in our pantry and started filling bottles. Who knows how it will turn out. I know my wife and I are hoping they all turn out tasty and refreshing and ready to go in a summer drink.

So, with the four alcohols we infused, I was thinking we make: a sort of Greyhound (with the grapefruit vodka and some soda), Bloody Marys (with the jalapeno vodka), blackberry martinis (with the blackberry gin - picture it, blackberries rather than olives in the bottom of the glass), and some neat apple-bourbon (OK, maybe one rock)

Other things I want to infuse:

  • Bacon Bourbon - I'm thinking a maple-cured or applewood-smoked bacon would bring some umami deliciousness to the right bourbon.
  • Basil or Lemon-Basil Vodka - With some soda this just sounds refreshing as hell.
  • Thai Pepper Vodka or Gin - Super spicy martini anyone?
  • Black Pepper Vodka - Sounds good for a Bloody Mary.

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